The corona-virus outbreak continues to spread globally each day. And while US job loss has been immense during the pandemic, the demand for field service workers has increased. Currently, 36% of employed Americans are in the field service industry. This means most of those employees do not have immediate access to written company policies and procedures, including those involving Covid-19.

Do your workers know exactly what to do if they think a coworker has been exposed to a possible corona-virus outbreak? Are your emergency mitigation procedures quickly accessible to field employees to take the exact steps in a timely fashion to prevent a larger, more costly situation? How will cross functional teams in the field communicate effectively and quickly among internal and other field organizations?

Owners and contractors can and should work together to implement sanitation and infection control improvements on the job site. It could mean the difference between continuing business operations and a catastrophic shut-down. Mobile hand washing stations are an idea some field companies are already deploying. It may not be extreme to adopt other more protective measures too, like screening workers entering a job site for fever or illness. Safety has always been a critical part of a job well done. But today, a new threat of danger – not from physical injury at the job site but from contagious disease – should be included in a job site safety plan.

So, what is the solution?

Introducing Quarto Knowledge Management software. Quickly and effectively document all relevant safety procedures through video, pictorial, or written format that employees at any location anywhere, and at any time can easily access the relevant situational procedures to quickly understand what to do in case of an emerging situation. Quarto allows for assignment of documentation to the relevant subject matter experts on your team. For example, executives can assign the Health and Safety teams a notification to create procedural videos. An example could be behind power washing and disinfecting materials and equipment. The Quarto Software then allows for assignment of viewing of that documentation video or materials to all relevant workers who need to view the material. They can watch videos of disinfectant procedures, should a perceived risk come into focus. This will allow for critical action to be viewed when minutes or hours count in containing a situation. Quarto will also track if the worker viewed the material. You can even add a quiz to determine if the workers understand the material.

Problem solvers attack the problem, before people get affected. It could make the difference between continuing operations and a costly shut down. Contact us today at for a free trial or to schedule your company demo and see how your busines can quickly implement widely available knowledge management.